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Specializing in Biomolecular Testing Kits for Toxicity, Mutagenicity, and Genotoxicity.

EBPI (Environmental Bio-Detection Products Inc.) is a biotechnology-based company specializing in the manufacture and custom application of simple, rapid, and cost effective methods for detection and monitoring of toxic, mutagenic and genotoxic materials. In addition to being used for evaluation of existing and new chemicals, the kits have found application in assessing environmental pollution risks in drinking water, wastewater, soil and air. We are a research and development-focused laboratory and manufacturing facility continually developing new testing procedures and easy-to-use testing kits for use by research laboratories around the world.

 Ames Test Kits

A microplate version of the traditional “pour plate” Ames Test.  The Muta-ChromoPlateTM Kit is sensitive and user friendly. It is commonly used to detect mutagenic potential of individual chemicals or mixtures of chemicals in water, wastewater, sediment, air aqueous extracts, new chemicals, foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and any other material that can be put into aqueous solution or micro-suspension, such that it can be taken up by the test strain.


Genotoxicity Testing Kits

A microplate genotoxicity bioassay based on the primary response of a genetically engineered bacteria to determine DNA genotoxicity damage.  The SOS-ChromoTestTM Kit can be used to evaluate the presence of genotoxic agents in water, wastewater, sediment, air, chemicals, food, cosmetics, and  for any material that can be put into aqueous solution or micro-suspension such that it can be taken up by the test strain. The EBPI SOS-ChromoPadTM is a modified version of the SOS-ChromoTestTM kit which uses a chromogenic pad to test for genotoxicity in sediments directly, without extraction. The SOS-ChromoPadTM is a rapid bacterial-based colorimetric bioassay kit for the determination of toxicity of sediments, suspended sediments, soils and solid wastes

A microplate toxicity bioassay, EBPI has developed the UMU-CHROMOTESTTM into a simple procedure based upon the International Organization for Standardization protocol ISO 13829 (Water Quality- Determination of the genotoxicity of water and waste water using the umu-test), which can be performed easily in a non‑specialized laboratory.

Acute Toxicity Testing Kits

A microplate toxicity bioassay to determine acute or chronic toxicity in water, effluents, and other liquids.  The Toxi-ChromoTestTM Kits endpoint is either partial or complete enzyme inhibition related to the toxic stress the test organism is exposed to.  Its endpoint is a simple color change that can be determined visually or using a plate reader at a wavelength of 610nm.

A pad toxicity bioassay to determine acute toxicity of materials found in sediments, sludge, soils, or other solid waste materials.  The Toxi-ChromoPadTMdoes not rely on the extraction of chemicals from the substrate and thus is a direct measure of biological exposure potential. It is based upon the same test organism and response as the aqueous based Toxi-ChromoTest.


E.coli Test Kits

A convenient test for quantitative measure of total coliforms and E. Coli bacteria. The ColiPlate test is designed to meet regulatory guidelines and quantifies density of target bacteria, coliforms and E. Coli, ranging from 5 to 5,000 colony forming-units (cfu) per 100 mL sample, without dilutions.